Call for Medical Volunteers

With a population of over 1.2 billion, India is now the second most populated country in the world. It’s services are severely stretched and there is a need for more staff at hospitals and community clinics to help cope with the demand of an ever growing population.

The program is aimed at reaching people in villages who struggle during the monsoon season to reach the closest local clinic.

India’s monsoons bring destructive winds and damaging rains. Related flooding can displace thousands and ruin crops. But among monsoon’s other negative impacts are on the most vulnerable people – life-threatening illness and infections.

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Right to Smile held a number of out reach health care programs during the months of January, February & March, in the of villages around our Bodhi Tree School Campus. A number of 10 villages on the outskirts of Bodhgaya are our targeted villages. The villages lacks access to basic health care and safe drinking water. The clinics can be challenging to reach during the rainy season, a journey made even more difficult by the patient’s condition. Compounding health problems are high rates of malnutrition and diseases related to vitamin deficiencies.

Right to Smile is looking to set up outreach camps during the difficult season of the monsoon. The Outreach Health camps are held for people in desperate need of care. They take place in temporary makeshift clinics within the villages.

In these health camps, medical aid and nutritional supplements will be provided. A vehicle is available as a medical station. Several elderly people, women and children visit the camps, sometimes critically ill with high fever, chest infections and diarrhea caused by the onset of the monsoon season.

Volunteer in India on this medical outreach program. Dates will be during the months of July or October. A translator and local medical staff will be available to work along side you.

We ideally are looking for a team of qualified medical volunteers.

Doctors, nurses mostly but  also any other profession in the medical science will be considered.

Medical Sciences Students may submit their application & will travel together with the professional qualified team of volunteers.

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