We are happy, our family is growing :) – Video

During the month of July one of our members traveled to Kenya to do an outreach in the communities we work with about children who need special assistance in education. Janet was referred to us by her Grandmother who had just started working at our school as a Baby Class Carer.

Janet never went to school due to her conditions which made it impossible for her to travel  or be integrated into the school services offered in rural areas. Together with her Grandmother made sure to offer urgent medical needs she had. We worked to find a school for Janet that is more adapt to her learning skills.

We are happy to say that we are now partnering with a unique project that focuses on children with special needs. The school is in its early stages and we have committed to grow this project together. Janet started school in January at the start of the new scholastic year. Janet will start from the first years to school. We will support her all the way 🙂

The volunteers will surely remember her beautiful smile & desire to interact & learn. Here is Janet at her new school taking this new educational experience with a Smile.

We Thank You for you support.