Volunteer Facilitators

Dear friends,

As you know, a big part of Right 2 Smile’s work is involving volunteers in our projects via 3 week programmes. We view these programmes as learning experiences for the volunteers to understand more local culture, realities and challenges of the people and communities and the work the project is doing to face them. Our short-term programmes are based less on ‘doing’ and more on ‘understanding first’. We aim for these short term programmes to activate persons to¬†become more socially conscious.

In order to give the best learning experience to our volunteers, we give mandatory training and preparation prior to their travel. This year we have updated our training programme based on feedback we received from past groups.

We have prepared workshops on volunteering, culture, children’s needs and rights, and teaching skills. These workshops will be held between April and June for the groups going up this summer. We are looking for volunteer facilitators with experience in psychology/education to assist in conducting the workshops.

Interested persons can email me on sushma@right2smile.org for more details. Your input iwould be a great resource in helping us prepare volunteers for an important experience. On a personal note, I can say that preparing volunteers for this experience is really rewarding 

Thank you.