Hi Guys, I’m Andrew, the project coordinator for ‘Programm Tbissima’ in Marsa. Together with my team, we’re basically reaching out to the community in the Marsa area and trying to offer a safe space for the children and youth in the area. The idea is to empower these young residents for positive action. That is just the first step. Where we go from there I’ve yet to find out but I’m dreaming big.

I have had quite a few career shifts before joining R2S, starting off as a car mechanic, moving on to a minibus and taxi driver to an English teacher to foreign students. I became a uni student at the young age of 28, graduating in Youth and Community studies 5 years later and becoming a father on the way. I worked as a youth worker for the next 5 years in different settings until the opportunity at R2S arose. It’s not every day that you have the option to work with an organisation which represents all you believe in almost to a tee. And so here I am working with this great team since 2018.

In my free time I like reading, watching good films and series, trying different food, debating and travelling. I also have a passion for cars and embark on several long term car restoration and rebuilding projects.

If you want to get in touch, wave at me next time I walk past…or send me an email on andrew@right2smile.org