Youth Group Corner – Santa Lucija (March 2022)

This month has been all about expressing ourselves and peeling off that outer shell. With the help of drama students from UoM, we came up with different scenarios of social interaction in present times and how we behave in such situations. Interactive games and discussion circles were the means used to demonstrate and act out these cases, whether it is online or offline interactions. 


For this month’s activity, we decided to go down under…no, not Australia, but under the streets of Valletta. We put on our hard hats and head torches, and trudged along through passageways and shelters beneath the busy streets of Valletta. This surely gave us a new perception of our capital city! As lunchtime was approaching , we felt a bit peckish, so Maccy D’s seemed like a good option for a quick snack.

To close off the month, the Health and Capacity building team picked up from the previous sessions and held a session based on friendships. Youth expressed what makes a friendship special, respecting boundaries and what can break that special bond.