Youth Group Corner – Santa Lucija (April 2022)

We kicked off April with some outdoor games! Now that the weather is warmer and we get to enjoy some more daylight, we headed down to the local playground for some kick-abouts and keepy ups. Everyone got their A-game on when it was time for a game of nutmeg football and some impromptu volleyball.


April brings forth Earth Day to serve as a reminder to protect and take care of  this big rock we live on. Talking about it alone is not enough however, so we decided to let our hands do the talking. The group organised a clean up around the streets of Santa Lucija and did their bit to rid off as much litter as possible and managed to collect 7 garbage bags in only a couple of hours! Hats off to all these climate heroes.



We are not tired of the sun just yet, so for this month’s outing we decided to visit the RMJ Open Day. RMJ is a horse rescue sanctuary which cares after injured race horses. Carrots and apples were on the menu for these horses as well as a whole lot of petting and grooming. Other four legged friends also stole some attention from our youth… and we can’t really blame them, right?

The health and capacity team closed off April by picking up from the last session on the topic of relationships. We discussed how our behaviour adapts from one relationship to another,  what challenges and joys each brings , and what are the key traits we deem crucial when building connections.