Youth Group Corner – Santa Lucija (May 2022)

Every year May is synonymous with a few things like spring blooms, first swims and …yep, yearly exams. Therefore we thought to get the youth’s heads off their stressful studies during the youth group and just unwind and have fun…and the best way to spell fun is C-H-A-R-A-D-E-S. Whilst some of us kicked back on our bean bags and sofas, others put on their best miming skills to act out some movies and series.


The following week , it was the opposite of kicking back and relaxing with some old-school games of prisoners. After warming up those arms and legs, focus was the only thing on everyone’s mind and excitement levels were sky high. A few grown up, familiar faces also decided to join us which always brings a smile on our faces.

Competitive spirit was still running high after Wednesday’s session, which worked out perfectly for Saturday’s activity. However this time rather than staying outside, we went inside for some games of Laser tag. The boys and girls all got geared up and ran some mindful tactical operations, but who came out on top… team Blue or team Red?


It was the environment’s team to take care of the session on Wednesday. The team wanted to stress out the importance of upcycle and reuse everyday household objects such as used jars and containers. We also wanted to get  creative and came up with a method to make sustainable organic deodorant using only 3 ingredients!