Youth Group Corner – Valletta (July 2022)

The Right 2 Smile Youth group in Valletta is very new, but it has kickstarted well. During the month of July, we held
various activities in relation to leisure and sports. We started the month by going for a game of Tag
Rugby.  Sport is really important and we encourage the youths to experience different sports activities.


We also went around Valletta skateboarding and doing bike hops. The other youths who didn’t ride took on a
photography session of their peers and this was very interesting for them.

The youths attending the group did not know each other before joining, and this space is serving as a means to build new relationships and experience new things.

The summer heat cannot be ignored. And so, during our last session in July, we went to swim in Valletta (near Maori). We got ourselves a pizza and simply relaxed and talked about our upcoming events.

The youth group’s aim is one and simple – that is to give space.