Youth Group Corner – Programm Tbissima (August 2022)

In the summertime!
August in Malta is commonly unbearable with excessive heat, humidity, lack of energy, mosquitos and more.
Therefore, the activities had to be extra special during this month! The youths took part in various crafts, projects and tasks organised both within the school premises and outside. It was also during this month that, by request of the youths themselves, the frequency of their sessions increased. Sessions are now held weekly!

Tbissima around the world

Tbissima around the world is a summer-long project of Programm Tbissima where each month has been focused on a specific country chosen by the youths. During the sessions, the activities and crafts have been thematic to the chosen country.
The first country chosen was Malta. We played games such as ‘hopscotch’ and ‘boċċi’ and spoke about what we like and associate with the country. This resulted in narrations of favourite beach stories, days by the pool and lengthy discussions about what should or should not be included in the ħobż biż-żejt.

Similarly, crafts were also planned to be related to the Maltese islands. However, since at Tbissima, the sessions are planned to accommodate the young people’s needs in an informal way, only one of the many crafts planned was seen through as the youths preferred to focus on the activities instead of on the crafts.

This month we are shifting our focus to the peninsula of Italy! We have planned many activities and crafts associated with travelling, fashion, football, and typical food!

We invite you to come and visit our exhibition in Marsa based on Tbissima around the world. More info soon!



Tbissima around Malta

We also took the opportunity of the dry weather to visit various locations around our beautiful island!
Youths participated in a Brasillian Jujitsu training session, were informed about Maltese bees and indigenous shrubs, experienced Maltese history in 5D, enjoyed a peaceful sunset in Żurrieq and socialised together in a public setting.


Programm Tbissima is a project led by The Malta Trust Foundation in collaboration with Right to Smile Foundation.