Youth Group Corner – Valletta (September 2022)

During this month at the Valletta youth group, our main theme was substances. The sessions were mostly led by the youth, where the young people shared information with our mentors about Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. We also discussed other substances and their effects and how they can be recognised. 

As part of our project, we offer monthly sessions from our Gestalt therapists. This month, the main focus was to bring together the sessions about substances created by the youths and discuss them during this session along with the therapists. Along with the therapist, the young people explored healthy and negative mechanisms that contribute to addiction.

Apart from this we also had our monthly outdoor session. During this session we went for the traditional Maltese bocci game, where we had the opportunity to watch an amateur game and also play. 

The Month was also busy on social media, given our social media team is made up of youths, the page is now becoming a youth platform of motivation, activism and sharing of information. Information about Suicide, LGBTIQ+, Democracy and all topics that the young people felt that we need to sound on our page.