Call for New Board Administrators

Right to Smile Foundation (VO/0583) is looking for volunteers to make part of the new Board of Administration of the Foundation. 

Collectively the Board Members help to:

Understand and ensure that Right to Smile Foundation reaches its mission and vision;

Understand the values of Right to Smile and use them in decision making;

Attend both regular and special board meetings and actively participate in proceedings;

Be accessible, at least by phone or email to staff and other board members as required;

Participate in board member orientation;

Share resources and talents with the Foundation, including expertise;

Fulfil commitments within agreed-upon deadlines;

Maintain and promote high ethical standards including board decision-making and avoiding an actual or perceived conflict of interest with other activities, interests, and/or Foundations/Organisations with which you may be involved;

Maintain confidentiality of the private information of the Foundation and other board members;

Be fiscally responsible for the Foundation by being familiar with and approving the Right to Smile Foundation budget;

Communicate effectively and respect the diverse opinions of others;

Build the strategy and ensure its execution.

The Board of Administration meets every three months, unless Ad Hoc meetings are required. 
Depending on the area of responsibility, the Board Member is asked to keep themselves involved and informed about the activities and strategy.
The term for each Board member is three years.

Interested candidates should submit:

=> their CV;

=> a letter of interest (250 words or less) stating why they would like to serve on the Right to Smile board;

=> their preference for which role they are applying (to be chosen from the below list). 

All of the above should be sent via email on by Friday 28th October, 2022.


Roles and responsibilities of board members:


Coordinating the setting up and running of the Board processes and communication lines;

Give input in the direction and oversee execution of activities, directly or indirectly related to the Board;

Overall responsible for the management of the Board;

Assist the development and implementation of Board operational policies.




Managing of Organisation’s documents/reports;

Board meeting minutes (and dissemination of);

Submitting of Reports/Registration forms when required.




Approving monthly payment sheets;

Overlooking the finances of the organisation;

Signing the balance sheet of the organisation and other budgetary decisions;

Make recommendations about budgetary decisions.


Local projects department Representative:


Creating a strategy for the Youth Projects;

Coordinate with the Fundraising department and the Treasurer to fund the projects;

Chair the Local Projects Team;

Oversee the operations of the Local Projects.


International projects department Representative:


Main communication line of International Projects to Board;

Keep ongoing relationships with project partners;

Collaborate with admin (operations/finance) for plans/decisions;

Lead the setting up of an annual plan to present on Strategy day;

Coordinate with the Fundraising department and the Treasurer to fund the projects;

Discover/review new projects and funding opportunities.